About Us

Wicked Copters is proud to be an industry leader in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) training and complex operational support. We are the only training organisation to have Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift RPA’s on our ReOC, all up to 25kg.

We build, supply, modify and operate drones commercially, so our team know the capabilities and applications of drones and software suitable to your needs.

As innovators, Wicked Copters introduced the first on-line Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) drone training program and created the first Safe to Fly? App for drone pilots. We are now leading the way by offering the new MOS training syllabus via interactive webinar online to ensure that our students gain the necessary knowledge and practical competencies for the new legislation and compliance in Australia.

Since commencing drone training in 2013, we have continuously improved our training material, and are continuously up-skilling our instructors to maintain standards above that of industry requirements. Hence  Wicked Copters was approved by CASA in April 2020 to be the first training organisation to transition to the new Part 101 MOS  enabling us to deliver the latest drone training material.

With changes already starting to come into effect in compliance with the game-changing Part 101 MOS, and pending Registration and Accreditation, why not choose Wicked Copters, the team that will get you ahead of the competition?

Wicked Copters is a leader in providing CASA-accredited Remote Pilot training across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

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