Mapping with DJI and DroneDeploy

Author: Daniel   Date Posted:23 March 2016 

Have you ever wanted to do more with your drone than just the usual photo or video? Why don't you give mapping a go?


Recent advancements in technology now allow us to utilise our drones in more ways than we ever imagined possible. Faster aircraft, better cameras and longer battery life are now allowing us to do so much more with our drones than just taking pictures and videos.


What is DroneDeploy?

DroneDeploy is a cloud based mapping solution that enables drone pilots across the globe to make their own maps. Its simple and anyone with a compatible drone can give it a go.

DroneDeploy currently offers three pricing plans, each designed at different users. The free plan allows users to upload and process and the paid plans offer additional services such as export and better resolution produced.


Capturing Data.

The free DroneDeploy mobile app for iOS or Android makes it simple to plan and capture the areas you want to map. With an intuitive interface and full flight automation you can be in the air making maps in record time. Though the the flight is autonomous, you still have full control over the aircraft should you need to regain control.

Already have a DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced/Professional), Phantom 4 or Inspire 1? Then, you already have the all hardware you need. Just install the mobile application and you can start making maps.


Processing Data.

Once you have finished a mapping mission upload the data to DroneDeploy and wait for it to be processed. Processing the images into maps can take some time depending on what DroneDeploy plan you use and your internet upload speed. We have found it best to upload in the afternoon/evening and it will be ready in the morning. Of course the other reason to do this in the evenings is depending on what you are trying to achieve, your data set may be substantially large. It may take a while for you to upload all the images on a slow internet connection.


Captured Data.

Once your data has been processed you can log into your account to view the finished map.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional - Altitude 90m - 191 Images


Why DroneDeploy?

Now, DroneDeploy may not suit every person out there and thats ok. Compared to traditional map processing however it does have its advantages. To process maps using other software you are required to have a fairly large dedicated processing computer to produce the maps within reasonable time. This hardware does not come cheap and can be expensive to purchase outright. 

Traditional mapping software is licensed based, these licenses can be more expensive to purchase and are usually limited to what they can output. Most dedicated software can produce two maps at the same time (providing you have the computer to handle it). DroneDeploy allows you to upload and process as many maps as you want - simultaneously.


DroneDeploy Plans.

If you require functionality like export or higher resolution you will need to purchase a plan.

Pro Plan - Ideal for small businesses and farmers. Remember, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Pro Plan 

Premier Plan - High end applications, large scale maps/projects that require GCP and accuracy.







Cost per month basis - no contract Free $99.00 USD $249.00 USD $499.00 USD
Cost per month on annual contract N/A $84.00 USD $209.00 USD $417.00 USD
Map + 3D Model Processing 5 / month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Photo Upload per Map 500 1,000 2,000 3,000
Max 2D Resolution 15 cm/pixel 5 cm/pixel 2 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel
Processing Speed Standard Fast Fast Fastest
Android + iOS Mobile App Y Y Y Y
Parallel Map Processing   2 maps 3 maps 5 maps
Annotations + Collaboration Y Y Y Y
JPG + GeoTIFF Exports   Y Y Y
NDVI + Elevation Layers   Y Y Y
Volume Measurements   Y Y Y
Zone Management   Y Y Y
Shapefile Exports     Y Y
RTK + Custom Coordinates     Y Y
Ground Control Points       Y



Want more information?

Wicked Copters is the only Authorised Reseller for DroneDeploy in Australia. If you don't have an aircraft, we can work out a special deal to get you off the ground. You can also visit the DroneDeploy site for more information.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you start mapping. 


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