Which mapping app should I use?

Author: Gary R   Date Posted:28 November 2017 

Which app should I use for mapping / surveying?

Good question, and the answer lies in the outcome that you intend to achieve.


Is a great simple app, that gets your drone up there and capturing the images for you to submit to any post processing software.  The great thing about this app, is that it drops a pin for each photo taken so you can see clearly if a photo has been missed for any reason, in real time, allowing you to check it out and retake the imagery while still on site.

This app is also great for double grid and 3D modelling flights / orbits.

Drone Deploy:

Another good app for mapping and surveying, and is developing fast into a app to compare.  The only downside I find is thet there are no pin drops to indicate where the images have been taken on the flight path.  The photos are only counted as the mission is flown, and any missing images are not picked up until you download and process the imagery back at the office.  Could mean a second trip to site to redo the job which is a problem.

Otherwise, a good developing app for your mapping mission.


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