Why you should consider DroneDeploy for mapping.

Author: Daniel   Date Posted:24 March 2016 


DroneDeploy is a cloud based mapping engine that allows anyone with a compatible drone to produce detailed quality maps with ease. There are a number of benefits of using a cloud based processing system for your maps which we will cover below.


DroneDeploy allows you to produce detail maps and models using your existing hardware and camera combinations. A range of supported craft are compatible and include DJI, 3DR and Sensefly. Other specialist companies have produced specialised hardware that is also compatible to the DroneDeploy system.

Getting a detailed map is a key priority and imagery captured can be turned into high resolution Orthomosaics that are Georeferenced orthorectified, NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), Terrain models (Accurate topographic modelling, with DSMs and DTMs) and detailed and accurate 3D Models

All this can be achieved from a single subscription without having to worry about the hardware to process your data.

Multiple dataset processing - you are no longer limited to processing two simultaneous maps. With DroneDeploy you are able to process multiple datasets simultaneously, reducing lost man hours and increasing ROI.

Sharing, annotations, calculations and more can be done directly from the DroneDeploy website prior to sharing. There is no waiting to send solid media via the post any more. Your clients can even view the data directly themselves.



There are currently three DroneDeploy plans available. Free, Pro and Precision. Each plan tier has limitations to what you can produce and export. You can sign up for the free trail over at DroneDeploy.

Traditional processing utilising a self managed hardware and software based mapping engine can be costly. Dedicated computers to process maps can be costly to purchase and maintain. Though many computers out there are capable of producing maps using traditional software, most are highly underpowered and struggle to process large sets of data. Cloud based processing takes the load off you, your computer and network infrastructure during processing.  

When we add up the cost of a traditional software license, dedicated processing computer hardware, lost man hours, and a variable size of datasets that affects processing time, DroneDeploy is considerably cheaper whilst providing faster and reliable results. 

If you are unsure if it is what you are after or if you prefer to be hands on and test the features, sign up for DroneDeploys 30 day risk free trial.


Ease of Use

When using the dedicated DroneDeploy app on your phone or tablet mission planning becomes very easy. Simply set your boundaries and the app will work out the required flight path. The flight itself is autonomous with the pilot able to take full control at any point during the mission.

Incredible images, maps and models can be achieved with COTS (Commercial off the shelf) craft such as the DJI Phantom 3 or 4.

So if you have a drone and want to give mapping a go, complete with a comprihensive feature list, DroneDeploy is a great place to start.


Want more information?

Wicked Copters is the only Authorised Reseller for DroneDeploy in Australia. If you don't have an aircraft, we can work out a special deal to get you off the ground. You can also visit the DroneDeploy site for more information.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you start mapping.

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