Aeroplane drone licence - Remote Pilot Licence

Wicked Copters is a CASA approved RePL Training Organisation.

Our instructors are both CASA licencsed and MAAA / MAAQ members. Our aeroplane training is carried out at approved flying locations West of Brisbane and East of Melbourne.

Our new drone training course covers the additional operations that you can now fly, such as night flying and up to 15m of people.  Your CASA issued drone licence no longer limits you to day Visual Meteorological Conditions (day time flying). This drone licence enables you to fly at night in accordance with your ReOC (UOC) approvals and procedures.

Upon completion of the RPAS RePL Drone Licence Course you will be licensed to operate ANY Aeroplane under 7kg. If you want to fly something bigger, no worries, we can also conduct Operation Training up to 25kg, and theory training for up to 150kg.

All you need is your ARN.  You may have heard of the CASA ARN (Aviation Reference Number) which is a similar unique identifier as your drivers license. You need to apply for your ARN by email from CASA currently using Form 1162 and you should receive it within a week. There is no cost involved.

Our RePL training for your drone licence (Remote Pilot Licence) is carried out in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other approved venues in Australia.  

If you are in a location that is not listed below and would like to attend a course use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

We are always open to discuss group discounts or price match to ensure you receive the most up to date training at the best price.

CASA sub 7kg Aeroplane RePL - Melbourne, with AROC, ELP
Melbourne - Online Aeroplane (<7kg) On Sale

14% OFF

IREX 10 day course for RePL BVLOS
Brisbane - Classroom
Commercial <2kg aeroplane theory and operation training
National - Online Aeroplane (<2kg)
CASA Sub 7kg Aeroplane RePL - Brisbane, with AROC, ELP
Brisbane - Online Aeroplane (<7kg) On Sale

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Sub 25kg Aeroplane - Brisbane, with AROC, ELP
Brisbane - Classroom Aeroplane (<25kg)