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UAV Mapping Solutions for most drones

Drone Mapping Solutions!

DroneDeploy is a powerful cloud based system that allows you to create geo-referenced orthomosaics, 3D surface models, NDVI imagery and point clouds from a wide range of compatible drones.

Use any compatible Drone with DroneDeploy to process, view, store, share and export your data all in the cloud. Plan from the office to set your flight path before you arrive on site. The dedicated DroneDeploy app automates the flight and captures all the aerial data you need.

Traditional local processing of map data requires either a purchase or hire of a software subscription and a powerful processing workstation. Using a cloud based processing system only requires you to upload the images and DroneDeploy does the rest.

There are a number of fields that can benefit from DroneDeploy such as, aerial mapping, surveyors, agriculture, environmental surveys, forensics, real estate and the list goes on.

The DroneDeploysubscriptions gives you access to unlimited uploaded Maps + 3D Models, 

Contact us today to discuss the options available and how using DroneDeploy can assist your business.

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