EVLOS and FPV course
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EVLOS and FPV course

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This course will give the Chief Remote Pilot and / or assistant CRP's the experience and knowledge to prepare for planning and executing their EVLOS operations, using FPV as an adjunct to visual observations. 

Extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) operations will be operationalised by the MOS. This will facilitate flight of an RPA beyond the visual line of sight of the remote pilot, in limited circumstances, using observers to keep the airspace around the aircraft in sight and to help manage the risks of the operation. Remote pilots and ReOC holders will need to meet the standards in the relevant part of the MOS to carry out EVLOS operations and be pre-approved by CASA.

As your EVLOS team will be made up of the Pilot in Command and a team of observers for the operation, the course outcome is to provide the FPV and EVLOS experience with the required JSA's and Risk Assessment for such an operation.  We also include the procedures and training program that you would need to follow for your own team's internal training.

Included in the 2 day course:

1. EVLOS requirements and team member responsibilities

2. Application of FPV as an adjunct to visual observations

3. EVLOS and FPV JSA template

5. EVLOS and FPV Risk Assessment

6. EVLOS FPV Procedures (for your ReOC Library)

7. Practical EVLOS and FPV training and operation

8. EVLOS and FPV Certificate issued on successful completion



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