Wicked Copters is CASA Certified (CASA.UOC.0152), with night flying approvals, up to 15m of people and fully insured for the commercial operation of drones up to 25kg.  Our M600Pro's and Inspire 1 and 2  shoot in full Raw and 360 degree video for Virtual Reality too. Don't lower your expectations, use the professionals who own cutting edge drones and cameras, and have the experienced operators to match. A demo can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8abFYYt7UNI

We provide professional virtual reality, drone photography and videography services for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Specialising in low level aerial photography using drones, we can customise a solution whether your requirements are aerial or ground.  We can combine aerial, ground and 360 degree virtual reality as required.

High Resolution Photos

Licensed, professional aerial photography with state of the art technology and an eye for detail.

CASA Certified & Fully Insured

Our skilled & experienced operators put safety first.

Flexible & Safe

Remotely piloted aircraft can capture shots that are impossible or impractical using traditional methods.

Any Application

Inspection, environmental monitoring, survey, mapping and more are made easy and affordable with UAVs.


Aerial video can be recorded safely and cost-effectively with remotely piloted aircraft. We deliver smooth, stable high definition video using a range of UAVs and gyrostabilised cameras. From property flyovers for real estate, to live sporting events, our pilots can advise you on the best approach to realise your vision and suit your budget.