Wicked Copters has the capability to develop drone application apps in-house.

The apps  vary from JSA and Risk Assessment managemnt apps for Chief Remote Pilots and ReOC holders, to drone specific operational requirements. And yes, we do other app developments for new ideas and updates.

Did you know that Australia has over 1800 Aerodromes (Airports, Airfields, Helipads, Sea Plane Landing Sites, etc)? Are you aware you are restricted from flying within a certain range of these Aerodromes?

To assist with your hobby flying, we have created an application for Web, iPhone, iPad and Android (coming soon) which will show you the local aerodromes (airports, helicopter landing sites, etc). As part of CASA's "Are you Flying in Control" rules, you must fly outside of 3nm (5.5km) of aerodromes. If your location falls within a circle, you must not be flying here. Please note that this is an aid only and may not include all aerodromes. Links to ERSA are for non-commercial use only and you must agree to their conditions as outlined within the application.

This web application is limited to showing you aerodromes, please use the links below to download the mobile applications which have many more features.

Found an aerodrome we missed or got wrong? Please use this form to help us correct the issue.