Operation Training

Wicked Copters is a CASA approved RePL Training Organisation.

Our instructors are both CASA licencsed and MAAA / MAAQ members. Our aeroplane training is carried out at approved flying locations West of Brisbane.

Our 2019 RePL Commercial Drone Pilot Licence and Operation Training courses are aligned with the new Part101 MoS due to be effective from the end of 2018.

We are the only CASA approved RePL drone training organisation providing sub 7kg and sub 25kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift RePL drone training courses in Brisbane, and nationwide on request, with the option of E-VLOS (and FPV), night operations (N-VLOS), close proximity (CP-VLOS), Marine Vessel Launch and Retrieve, and populous area operations.

RePL Courses as per the new Part101 MoS, and Drone Rego / Accreditation

With a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and operating under an ReOC, you are able to fly drones up to 25kg, and obtain permissions and exemptions from the restrictive Standard Operating Conditions, when required.  The new Part101 MoS (expected Dec 2018) integrates the October Directive and AC's and will give RePL holders under or with ReOC's more autonomy with increased accountability. This means E-VLOS is also possible now.

The new Part101 MoS is due to be implemented by year end, and will change the way in which you obtain an RePL and apply for an ReOC in 2019.  In addition, Drone Registration for all drones over 250g, and mandatory training / accreditation for the hobbyist and sub 2kg excluded category will be implemented mid 2019.

Wicked Copters is a  CASA approved RePL Commercial Drone Pilot Licecne and Operation Training Organisation specialising in Drone Licence Training throughout Australia.

  • No CASA Flight Test required currently for your ReOC application, unless you intend to carry out specialized operations or operate custom built drones.

The current Operation Training is for:

  • current PPL, CPL or ATPL pilots wanting to obtain their Remote Pilot Licence in the under 7kg or under 25kg weight class.

  • or current UAV Controller Certificate or Remote Pilot Licence holders who wish to upgrade to the under 25kg weight class for the same type of craft as per their Licence.  This includes multirotors, fixed wing and helicopter, and you will require at least 5 hours logged flying experience on your type;

  • or for current UAV Controller Certificate or Remote Pilot Licence holders who wish to add a different type of craft to their existing Licence.  This includes multirotors, fixed wing and helicopter, and you will require at least 5 hours logged flying experience on your type.

If you already hold a UAV Controller Certificate or Remote Pilot Licence, and you complete our CASA approved Operation Training, then we will submit details of your experience gained to CASA using Form 101-05.


If you have a manned aviation licence, then you will receive your initial licence only after you submit details of your experience gained (via our Operation Training) to CASA using Form 101-01, and you will be required to pay your CASA fee (approx $160) for the issuing of the licence.


Operation Training is conducted at the end of our RePL drone training courses in your area (Fortnightly in Brisbane, every 3 weeks in other centres).

If you are in a location that is not listed below and would like to attend a course use the Contact Us page to get in touch.