CASA Approved Remote Pilot Licence Training (Drone Licence Training)

We provide Remote Pilot Licence training (Drone Training or Drone Pilot Licence) for Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift Remote Pilot Licences up to 25kg, including the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP).

New Part 101 MOS courses were only authorised and issued from 15 June 2020. Check on CASA's certified training providers reflecting our transition to the new Part 101 MOS on 23 June 2020. We strongly recommend you measure your training against the new MOS sections that apply to you for your type and existing qualifications.

These new courses cover the new requirements for chief and remote pilots operating under an ReOC, and the new sub 2kg commercial planning and record keeping. In addition, our training includes tethered operations for operations within 3nm of airports as per the new Part101 MOS.

You will have access to our digital notes before, during and after your course completion, including any updates as new Regulations become effective. 

There are basically two ways to obtain your RePL:

  1. If you do not hold a manned aviation licence or an RePL, then you need to complete an Initial Issue RePL course. The Initial Issue RePL options are :
    1. Full RePL course: Intended for anyone who does not hold any previous manned or unmanned licence.
    2. Initial RePL course: Intended for a manned aviation licence holder with a RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL, and requires the submission of Form101-01 with our issued certificates.
  1. If you do hold a current RePL (issued after 10 April 2017), then you are only required to complete an Upgrade RePL course. The Upgrade Training options are :
    1. upgrading to increase the weight class of the same type, or
    2. upgrading to add a different type of RPA

The duration and content of the upgrade training is dependent on your existing qualifications and prior experience.

Our RePL drone training and advanced courses are conducted throughout Australia.

If you would like to attend a course, you can book online or use the Contact Us page to get in touch.