ReOC Docs and Support (CASA fees excluded)
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ReOC Docs and Support (CASA fees excluded)

RPA Operator's Certificate Documentation and Assistance

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RPA Operator's Certificate (ReOC) Support

Once you have completed your Remote Pilot Licence, you will be required to prepare and submit your ReOC application in order to carry out a commercial operation above 2kg (e.g. if you plan to carry out aerial photography, surveying or other operations for financial gain).

What do we provide to assist you to get your ReOC?:

  • Assistance to prepare your ReOC application documents

  • Preparation for your ReOC desktop assessment

  • Support for your ReOC assessment.

There are now two ways to apply for and obtain an initial-issue ReOC.

  1. Apply directly to CASA. Use Application Forms 101-02 and 101-04 to CASA directly, or

  2. Apply through an authorised industry delegate.  Alternatively, you may apply for and obtain an initial issue ReOC from an industry delegate.  Industry delegates are currently authorised to issue ReOCs for non-complex aerial work operations only, although the scope of this authority may expand in the future.

Using the new ReOC application standards and templates, we are able to assist you with your UOC preparation and submission of the CASA Forms, Operating Manual, and your operational procedures (library) of Flight Manuals and Maintenance Manuals.

The complexity of the application will be determined by the operations you wish to conduct and the number and type of craft you wish to operate.

You will need to supply all relevant information regarding your craft and operations to assist us to draw up the documents.

Note that you need to take ownership of the ReOC documentation and ensure that the content matches your operational needs. While we assist you to set up and create the documents to meet the ReOC submission requirement, the documentation content and craft specific data is your responsibility to ensure correctness.

This service excludes the fee payable to CASA or Authorised Delegate when you lodge your application direct.  This fee may vary and is currently $1700 to $2000 as at April 2018.  Please check with CASA or the delegated authority of your choice for the latest costs prior to ordering this product.

Please note the following additional terms:

  • You are required to hand in your documentation to CASA or delegated authority within 7 days of us completing your documents.  Any changes to regulations or templates outside of this period that affect your documents will be for your account.

  • CASA only accepts word formatted documenrts, do not use Pages or similar. All documents are prepared in Word 2013.  Repairing formatting issues created by lower versions or other Wordprocessor programs may be additionally charged for

  • Changes in the CASA templates from the time of completion of your documents will require rework of the documents.  If you require us to rework the documents for you due to a change in templates, there will be an additional fee for this work

  • If you wish to have us create more than one craft's library, additional fees may apply



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The Wicked Copters courses are scheduled to run during the weeks listed:
  • Adelaide
    • 23 Jul 2018
    • 27 Aug 2018
  • Alice Springs
    • Course runs for min 2 students every month
  • Brisbane
    • 18 Jun 2018
    • 02 Jul 2018
    • 11 Jul 2018
    • 23 Jul 2018
    • 13 Aug 2018
    • 27 Aug 2018
    • 16 Sep 2018
    • 27 Sep 2018
    • 08 Oct 2018
    • 22 Oct 2018
  • Cairns
    • Course runs for min 2 students every month
  • Canberra
    • Course runs for min 2 students every month
  • Darwin
    • 18 Jun 2018
    • 16 Jul 2018
    • 13 Aug 2018
    • 12 Sep 2018
    • 10 Oct 2018
  • Melbourne
    • 27 Jun 2018
    • 09 Jul 2018
    • 06 Aug 2018
    • 03 Sep 2018
    • 01 Oct 2018
  • Sydney
    • 02 Jul 2018
    • 30 Jul 2018
    • 27 Aug 2018
    • 24 Sep 2018
    • 22 Oct 2018
  • Perth
    • 25 Jun 2018
    • 06 Aug 2018
    • 17 Sep 2018
    • 29 Oct 2018
  • Tasmania
    • Course runs for min 2 students every month
  • iBEV
    • Enroute Dates
Not all courses are available in all locations. Please refer to the course description for more information.

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