About Us

Virtual Edge 4D Pty Ltd T/A Wicked Copters

Wicked Copters is proud to be an industry leader in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) training and complex operational support. We are the only training organisation to have Multi-Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift RPA’s on our ReOC, all up to 25kg*.

We build, supply, modify and operate drones commercially, so our team knows the capabilities and applications of drones and software suitable to your needs.

As innovators, Wicked Copters introduced the first on-line Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) drone training program and created the first Safe to Fly? App for drone pilots. We are now leading the way by offering the new MOS training syllabus via interactive webinars online to ensure that our students gain the necessary knowledge and practical competencies for the new legislation and compliance in Australia.

Since commencing aviation training in 2011, we have continuously improved our training material, and are continuously up-skilling our instructors to maintain standards above that of industry requirements. Hence  Wicked Copters was the first organisation approved by CASA in April 2020 to transition to the new Part 101 MOS  enabling us to deliver the latest drone training material from June 2020.

Our ReOC services include Crop Spraying, Swarming and EVLOS / BVLOS procedures developed to comply with the new MOS, so why not choose Wicked Copters, the team that will get you ahead of the competition?

Wicked Copters is a leader in providing CASA-accredited Remote Pilot training across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Our Team:

Our team includes engineers (environmental, mechanical, mining and electronics) and photographers / videographers with team members qualified as remote pilots, specialising in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) products, training and operations.

Our team includes contractors and dirctors.  Our team members are:

Andrew - our engineering manager, and is an electrical and instrumentation engineer and Chief Maintenance Controller, responsible for the builds and Quality Assurance. He also develops customised apps and software for clients, and is a Remote Pilot and Course Instructor.

Gary -  our marketing manager, and a mechanical / mining engineer carrying out application engineering for our RPAs. He is also our CRP, an Instructor and Remote Pilot.

Linda - our environmental engineer and CASA compliance officer, with a flair for photography and graphic design, producing all our manuals for training and ReOC applications.

Stewart - our VR and Cinematographer expert, as well as an RePL and Advanced Course instructor.

Our Drones and Unmanned Aerial Operations:

Our fleet of sophisticated drones are equipped with the latest technology and cameras to deliver the highest quality and the best value for cinematography, surveying and agriculture. This includes Virtual Reality, NDVI camera and Infrared capability

Our engineered drones operate at low noise levels and are capable of flying long and short endurances. Coupled with our custom-designed still and video camera systems we capture the highest resolution still and motion video images to meet all your aerial photography,  cinematography and mapping needs.

Our diverse operations include:

  • Swarms
  • Crop Spraying / Bug Dropping
  • Virtual Reality Stills and Video
  • Aerial Photography / Videography
  • Photo and Video Editing for Portfolios and Marketing
  • Surveys and Mapping, including full analysis
  • Agricultural and NDVI analysis
  • Storm, Flood and Fire Damage Inspection Records for Insurance purposes
  • Property Development Aerial Media and Construction Progress Filming
  • Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling
  • Building Information Management for Pre, During and Post Construction Footage.
  • Sports Events, Facilities and Action Aerial Filming
  • Ecological Surveys and Monitoring

Customised Drone Solutions:

We fly and operate the same craft that we supply and build for our clients, so we know the performance characteristics for each craft and component that we sell.

When not flying RPAs, our engineers and pilots are designing, building and testing customised builds for clients, and our photographers are developing the aerial marketing media for our clients.

Our RPA craft and systems are used by amateur and professional photographers for a range of applications (e.g. Agricultural, Environmental, Surveying, Structural Inspections, Real Estate, Photogrammetry, Ortho-mosaic, Mapping, Emergency Services, etc).

Our Drone Training:

We provide theory and practical training including RePL, AROC and upgrade for multi-rotor, aeroplane, helicopter and powered lift (VTOL).  We also provide support services in the development of ReOC applications, complex operations/approvals and Jarus.

Our course instructors meet the new MOS requirements and are all operational CASA certified remote pilots.

We run training courses fortnightly both at our Training Centre in Brisbane, online webinars and around Australia.