Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (B-VLOS) approvals and management system

Wicked Copters have developed and tested our inhouse BVLOS operations management system (SightsU) for use in Australia.

Our system meets regulatory flight testing and approval for BVLOS operations on Multi Rotor, Helicopter, Aeroplane and Powered Lift.

Two versions have been developed and tested, one for small shorter range RPA and one for small and medium category long range RPA. 

The systems are installed, tested and supported by Wicked Copters. 

Wicked Copters offers a drone customisation service to get imported drones up to CASA ready status and install BVLOS management systems.

We will ensure you have a support engineer on site for any regulatory system testing and meetings, and we can develop your manuals, procedures and SORA based risk assessments to regulatory standard for you.

Note that the supervising remote pilot of a BVLOS operation must have passed either an:

  • aeronautical knowledge examination (within the meaning of CASR Part 61) for the grant of an instrument rating under CASR Part 61 (ie IREX)
  • aviation licence theory examination before 1 September 2014 that is taken to be an equivalent examination
  • examination approved by CASA.

Wicked Copters are able to provide consultation and assistance in preparing procedures and SORA assessments for your application for Australia wide BVLOS operations inline wit SAIL I and II.

In addition, we can fit our system to your drone and provide testing and support for regulatory approval and operations, including all documentation / procedures.

If you would like to find out more, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

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