E-VLOS VTOL Powered Lift RPA

Wicked Copters supply customised Powered Lift RPA for VLOS and E-VLOS operations.

We work with our customers developing a scope of work and supply to ensure all needs are met.

Our services include training, ReOC procedures and CASA / ACMA compliant RPA and equipment.

Extended Visual Line of Sight allows you to fly your RPA beyond the pilot's Visual Line of Sight by using "internally trained observers".  The pilot may use FPV goggles while flying as long as an observer has the drone in their Visual Line of Sight.

Whilst the pilot is always present on site, his observers are keeping the drone within their line of sight.  The observers communicate critical flight information by voice or radio to assist the pilot in keeping safely away from all air users, structures, terrain and other hazards.

You need to obtain E-VLOS CASA approval to fly Class 1 (close range EVLOS) or Class 2 (Longer Range EVLOS) operations, providing you hold an ReOC and meet CASA requirements.  You do not need to hold an IREX for E-VLOS operations.

E-VLOS is generally limited to short range operations of small RPA, typically up to 10 kilometres compared to B-VLOS where there is no line of sight by the pilot, no observer and the RPA location and range is not limited.

We develop and market powered lift RPA and equipment capable of meeting E-VLOS and B-VLOS requirements, should you not have a RPA that is capable.

Our E-VLOS courses include practical operations simulated to prepare your pilots and observers for your CASA assessment as part of your E-VLOS application.

If you would like to attend a course or receive a quotation, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

  1. Powered Lift 25kg Upgrade and EVLOS Bundle
    Powered Lift 25kg Upgrade and EVLOS Bundle
  2. Specific Operations Risk Assessment Workshop
    Specific Operations Risk Assessment Workshop
  3. EVLOS (with FPV) Class 1 and Class 2 Training
    EVLOS (with FPV) Class 1 and Class 2 Training