XAG P100 Pro Spray Kit

Home XAG XAG P100 Pro Spray Kit (4xbatts, 1xRevoSpray, 2xchargers, ARC3 Pro, Water Tank) & Type Rating Certification
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  • XAG P100 Pro Spray Kit Includes:
    • 1 x P100 Pro RTK drone
    • 1 x P100 RevoSpray P3 50L
    • 1 x ARC3 Pro remote controller with RTK
    • 4 x XAG P-Series Smart Batteries
    • 2 x Battery S-Chargers
    • 1 x Charging Water Tank
  • Wicked Copters Difference:
    • On-Site CASA-Issued XAG P100 Pro Type Rating Certification upgrade to your Multi Rotor RePL
    • On-Site Manufacturer Training on the XAG P100 Pro and all associated systems
  • Key XAG P100 Pro Features:
    • 50kg spraying payload
    • Atomized Spraying System (Dual standard, can be upgraded to quad)
    • 4D Imaging Radar
    • 47 ACRES (19 HECTARE) per flight hour (30L/ha at 50kg weight)
    • Can operate up to 13.8 m/s
    • 10M Swath (Spray Width) with 22 L/min (Flow Rate)

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