The Wicked Copters team has experience in designing, building, and testing FPV and remote-controlled underground machinery for over 30 years, so it was only a natural progression to move into droids and drones (RPA's) over the last 10 years.

Starting in racing quads and rapidly moving into custom-built heavy-lift multi-rotors 10 years ago, then long-range aeroplanes 4 years ago and long endurance helicopters 2 years ago, we are now designing powered lift (VTOL) RPA's in our innovation hub due to offshore demand.

If you have a requirement for a unique drone application for which there is no 'off the shelf' solution, then our design team would be very interested in submitting a proposed solution to you.

Call us now on 1300 970 042 or contact us on support@wickedcopters.com.au

  1. Align G1 Agricultural Spraying Helicopter
    Align G1 Agricultural Spraying Helicopter