DJI Agras Product Announcement - T50

In November 2022, DJI announced the Agras T50 {set the langauge to CN} - 

The T50 agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle continues the powerful coaxial dual-rotor power system, and adopts a split anti-torsion fixed structure with higher strength. Equipped with dual atomization spraying system, front and rear phased array radar and binocular vision system, it integrates aerial survey and flight defense, bringing you more stable operation guarantee and better operation effect. Improvements to application area are:

  • Crops - 59.3 acres per flight hour
  • Orchards - 11.8 acres per flight hour
  • Seeding - 1.5 tons per flight hour

In September 2023, DJI submited the T50 to the American FCC for compliance.

In November 2023, DJI showcased the T50 in Germany and announced the DJI Agras T60.

 In November 2023 at Agritechnica 2023, Digital Agro have stated May 2024 release for the EU regions.

Contact us for any queries you have on the to-be-released T50. If you are looking for a current DJI Agras, take a look here.