Our Engineering team specialises in Environmental Monitoring, Engineering Surveys and 3D Modelling, whilst our Cinematography team provide marketing, real estate and golf course photography, videography and 3D Virtual Reality services.  We now have the capability for both aerial and ground VR video dynamic and static filming with our customised drones and ground vehicles.  

For example, for golf courses we are able to quantify areas of fairway, green and rough, and provide a 3D digital terrain model of the entire golf course.  3D models, 3D video and fly-throughs of each hole are included.

Wicked Copters is CASA Certified (CASA.ReOC.0152), with E-VLOS approvals, night flying approvals, up to 15m of people, catch and release procedures. and fully insured for the commercial operations of multi rotor, aeroplane and helicopter up to 25kg.

Our Multi Rotors (M600Pro's, Phantom 4's, Mavic Pro's and Inspire 1 and 2)  shoot in full Raw and 360 degree video for Virtual Reality, as well as smaller area mapping and surveying.

Our custom designed Aeroplanes and Helicopters are for large area mapping, survey and agriculture with flight times of up to 4 hours.

Don't lower your expectations, use the professionals operating cutting edge drones and cameras, and have the experienced operators to match. A demo can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8abFYYt7UNI

Specialising in low level aerial photography using drones and ground vehicles, we can customise a solution whether your requirements are aerial or ground.  We can combine aerial, ground and 360 degree virtual reality as required.


Tourism, Golf Courses and VR Cinematography

Full aerial and or VR video fly throughs.  

Fairways, green breaks and yardage.

Real Estate

Ground, Aerial, Pano's and VR walkthroughs

Remote Sensing - Thermal imagery (Day or Night)

Solar Panel inspections, building heat loss,

search and rescue, hotspot or spon-com detection

NDVI Agriculture and Golf Course Turf Management

Use NDVI for crop stress, nitrogen balance and management 

Asset Inspection

Powerlines, industrial plant or mining sites.

Mapping, Monitoring and Progress Measurement

Inspection, environmental monitoring, survey, mapping and 3D modelling.

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