Monitoring, Mapping and 3D Modelling

Our Engineering team specialises in Environmental Monitoring, Engineering Surveys and 3D Modelling, whilst our Cinematography team provide tourism, real estate and golf course photography, videography and 3D Virtual Reality services.  We now have the capability for both aerial and ground VR video dynamic and static filming with our customised drones and ground vehicles.  

For example, for golf courses we are able to quantify areas of fairway, green and rough, and provide a 3D digital terrain model of the entire golf course.  3D models, 3D video and fly-throughs of each hole are included.

With flight times from 20 minutes to 4 hours, we cover small to large construction and mining sites, as well as  agricultural operations.


We have a team of pilots, photographers, and engineers and our services include post processing, analysis and reporting on the mapping results.

Our services include: include: