EVLOS is now a reality, and it does provide an option to fly further than under VLOS conditions, providing the approved procedure and associated Instrument are followed.

CASA have determined the guidelines and criteria to be met, along with the submission of Form 101-09 for approval, including a CASA witnessed mission for approval.  

The requirements can only be met by suitably designed RPA's.  Off the shelf RTF RPA's will not be able to meet the telemetry requirements, for example.

Two years ago we built our first EVLOS aeroplanes (flown only within VLOS to date), without knowing what the final EVLOS requirements would be.  As a result, having got it right, we are developing our own standalone kits and full custom EVLOS helicopters and powered lift RPA's.  

Once our RPA's are operating successfully EVLOS under the new Instrument, we will be making these available to EVLOS clients either as standalone or upgrades to their RPA.

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