New Part 101 Manual of Standards

As we have been approved and authorised to commence the new MOS RePL training from mid-June 2020, we are able to give some feedback on what the new course covers:

  1. No more online self-study options, but all theory is via flexible online webinars or face to face.
  2. An unmanned focused course syllabus resulting in less content.
  3. Same duration (5 days) for the new RePL course, with more practically orientated training, including waypoints and tethered operations.
  4. A ‘Closed book’ assessment for RePL theory, but with full access to CASA and ASA publications (ERSA, NAIPS, Charts, CASR, etc). How good is that?
  5. Updated legislation integrating the new MOS requirements for drone operations (including the new Record-Keeping Requirements).
  6. Whilst there are more theory assessment questions, they are shorter and quicker to answer.
  7. The AROC syllabus and assessment has not changed as it does not fall under CASR Part 101.
  8. The ELP preferred process is documentary and required for a RePL (Sect 2.03 (1))
  9. Upgrade training is also well structured with well-defined conditions/syllabus based on initial current licence / involved participants.
  10. The training course content and modules are now available to the public as well, enabling students to ensure the training they receive meets the new MOS. We recommend anyone enrolled in the old RePL course, but not yet completed, request a rollover by their training provider to the new RePL course.  Why learn 2016 legislation, when the 2020 rules are in force with stiff penalties for non-compliance. We have rolled over our students at no extra cost. This rollover will be compulsory by January 2021.

 What else is becoming effective from October?  

The new Sub 2kg RPA Operator Accreditation (with minimum age limits) and Drone Registration with January deadlines.

 What else is around the corner?

Facial Recognition for Drone Registration and RePL theory assessments to be conducted independently by CASA at their exam centers.  This is the space to watch now.

Note: New Part 101 MOS courses were only authorised and issued from 15 June 2020. 

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