RePL Drone Upgrade Training

CASA Drone Licence Upgrade Training for your Remote Pilot Licence.

CASA Approved Remote Pilot Licence Training (Drone Licence Training)

Wicked Copters are the only drone training and operations organisation providing Remote Pilot Licence and Upgrade Training (Drone Training or Drone Pilot Licence) for Multi-Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift Remotely Piloted Aircraft up to 25kg.

Drone Training Category

Our contact free drone training courses are available nationally and internationally via online webinars.

The CASA approved Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) upgrade training is completed over 2 days (either one day webinar and one day practical, or two days face to face). 

The Upgrade (Operation) Training is for:

  • current PPL, CPL or ATPL pilots wanting to obtain their initial issue Remote Pilot Licence in the under 7kg or under 25kg weight class.

  • or current Remote Pilot Licence holders who wish to upgrade to the under 25kg weight class for the same type of craft as per their sub 7kg Licence.  This includes multirotor, aeroplane, helicopter and Powered Lift.

  • or for current Remote Pilot Licence holders who wish to add a different type of craft to their existing Licence.  This includes multi-rotors, aeroplane, powered-lift and helicopter.

Upgrade Training is conducted at our CASA approved venues only.  Corporate group training of four or more students may book custom dates.

If you would like to attend a course, please book online or use the Contact Us page to get in touch.