Wicked Ag

Wicked Copters has been involved in the Digital Farming and Precision Agriculture industry since the design of our first beneficial bug dropping drone 10 years ago. 

Wicked Ag is our operations and training site for Precision Agriculture covering DJI, XAG, Brouav and other manuafacturers, including our own SightsU Helicopter for bug dropping and spraying.

Since then we have progressed with Environmental Monitoring, 3D Mapping,  Weed and Pest Control, and Sustainable / Organic Farming.

Our Services include:

  • Broad Acre Crop Spraying
  • Liquid Compost including for Carbon Beneficiation projects

  • Beneficial Bug Dropping

  • Broadleaf and woody weeds

  • Turnip weed/wild radish etc.

  • Insecticide and fungicide spraying to treat rust/powdery mildew etc.

  • Lantana and parthenium weed

  • Liquid fertiliser spraying

  • Fireweed spraying

  • Glyphosate pasture spray outs

  • Fall army worm treatments

Our services include wet hire of our drones to full Environmental and Agriculture drone related services giving you the following benefits:

  • Maximise the yield, health and quality of your land
  • Apply aerial liquid or granular treatment only when and where you need it
  • Preflight with Multi Spectral drones for crop health, spot spraying AI and application analysis
  • Night operations for mice baiting for example
  • Swarming multiple drones at a time reducing seeding and spraying application times, doubling or tripling treated areas per hour and reducing timeliness costs
  • Uniform seeding and fertiliser application
  • Utilise the topographic levels of your land to your advantage for drainage and irrigation
  • Utilise organic based insect applications instead of chemicals
  • Detect weeds and benefit from spot spraying.
  • Accurate liquid application and droplet sizing.

For further information or quotations, please call us on 1300 970 042 or email us on support@wickedcopters.com.au