CASA RPAS RePL drone licence - Remote Pilot Licence

Wicked Copters is a  CASA approved RPAS RePL Commercial Drone Pilot Licence Training Organisation for Sub 25kg and sub 7kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane and Helicopter Remote Pilot Licences.

Our  drone training course covers the additional operations that you can now fly, such as night flying and up to 15m of people. This drone licence enables you to fly at night in accordance with your ReOC approvals and procedures.

Want To Fly Drones For A Living in 2019?

Whether you want to add aerial capabilities to your existing arsenal of work skills, or are just looking for a new career path, then become a CASA certified remote pilot through one of our drone licence training courses that will cover you for the new legislation changes coming in next year. Aerial photography using drones is more popular than ever, but many industries are turning to remotely piloted aircraft to save time and money, reduce risks and perform tasks that were impossible less than a decade ago.

RePL Courses as per the new Part101 MoS, and Drone Rego / Accreditation

With a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and operating under an ReOC, you are able to fly drones up to 25kg, and obtain permissions and exemptions from the restrictive Standard Operating Conditions, when required.  The new Part101 MoS (expected Dec 2018) integrates the October Directive and AC's and will give RePL holders under or with ReOC's more autonomy with increased accountability. This means E-VLOS is also possible now.

The new Part101 MoS is due to be implemented by year end, and will change the way in which you obtain an RePL and apply for an ReOC in 2019.  In addition, Drone Registration for all drones over 250g, and mandatory training / accreditation for the hobbyist and sub 2kg excluded category will be implemented mid 2019.

In addition:

If you want to operate in controlled airspace, be a Chief Remote Pilot, or work under a ReOC, or fly outside visual line of sight, you will also need an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate.

If you do not get your AROC, a restriction will be placed on your remote pilot licence (RePL). You can apply to have this removed once you have completed the necessary AROC training.

Our RPAS training for your drone licence (Remote Pilot Licence) is carried out in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Perth and other approved venues in Australia.  

If you are in a location that is not listed below and would like to attend a course use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

We are always open to discuss group discounts or price match to ensure you receive the most up to date training at the best price.


RePL Drone Training @ Your Home (iBEV)


Wicked Copters is proud to be the only approved training provider for Aeroplane, Helicopter and Multi Rotor (up to 25kg) and provide training in regional areas (towns and farms) with our Mobile Learning Centre (iBEV).



The image above shows a rough route our Mobile Learning Center (iBEV) takes each month (between our fixed course locations). If you are in a regional area along these routes – we can come to you.

So if you are based along these routes and keen to complete a course we offer, get in touch and we will see you soon.



Multi Rotor Night Operation Training, sub 7kg
National - Online Multi Rotor (<7kg)
RePL Multi Rotor Sub7kg Drone Pilot Licence
Brisbane Multi Rotor (sub7kg) On Sale

17% OFF

Multi Rotor Operation Training, sub 7kg
National - Online Multi Rotor (<7kg)
RePL  Multi Rotor Sub7kg - iBEV
National - Online Multi Rotor (sub7kg) On Sale

7% OFF

EVLOS and FPV course
Brisbane - Classroom
RePL Multi Rotor Sub25kg Drone Pilot Licence
Brisbane Multi Rotor (sub25kg) On Sale

12% OFF

Aeroplane Operation Training, sub 7kg
National - Online Aeroplane (<7kg)
Multi Rotor Operation Training, sub 25kg
National - Online Multi Rotor (<25kg)
Powered Lift Operation Training, sub 7kg
National - Online Multi Rotor (<7kg)
Heli Operation Training, sub 7kg
Brisbane - Classroom Helicopter (<7kg)
Aeroplane Operation Training, sub 25kg - Brisbane
Brisbane - Online Aeroplane (<25kg)
Powered Lift RePL sub 7kg, Online or Class
Brisbane - Online
English Language Proficiency Assessment
National - Classroom ELP
CASA Remote Pilot Licence - Aeroplane, sub25kg
Brisbane Aeroplane (sub25kg)
Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
National - Classroom AROC
Heli Operation Training, sub 25kg - Brisbane
Brisbane - Classroom Helicopter (<25kg)
RPAQ Advanced Drone Mapping  and Surveying Course
Brisbane - Classroom Mapping & Surveying
RPAQ 3D Modelling Course
Brisbane - Classroom 3D Modelling
ReOC Docs, Briefing, Support (CASA fees optional)
National - Online ReOC
RPAQ Introductory Drone Mapping  and Surveying Course - Brisbane
Brisbane - Classroom Mapping & Surveying