WC SightsU Agricopter

WC SightsU Agricopter

Wicked Copters supplies liquid fuel sub 25kg customised helicopters, fitted with our SightsU BVLOS Ops Management System and provide upgrade training on the sub 25kg helicopters. Our sub 150kg helicopters require a CASA flight test at this stage. 

These helicopters are used for Beneficial Bug Dropping, Baiting and carrying LIDAR cameras flying for 3.5 hours.  Each customised build is unique to our client's requirements.

The RPA can be custom-built or imported to suit your operational needs. We also assemble, upgrade, test and train on all drone types (to meet EVLOS / BVLOS capabilities for your operational and regulatory approval requirements). 

If you are looking at commercially flying remotely piloted Helicopter RPA and are looking to add helicopter to your current RePL licence or obtain an initial helicopter RePL, then look no further.

If you have a requirement for a unique drone application for which there is no 'off the shelf' solution, then our design team would be very interested in submitting a proposed solution to you.

Call us now on 1300 970 042 or contact us on support@wickedcopters.com.au

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