RePL Drone Licence Training

CASA Approved Remote Pilot Licence Training (Drone Licence Training)

We provide Remote Pilot Licence training (Drone Training or Drone Pilot Licence) for Multi-Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift Remote Pilot Licences up to 25kg, including the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP).

The CASA approved Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) is completed as a 5-day course. The first three days are presented via our state-of-the-art virtual classroom and two days are spent in the physical presence of the instructor.

The virtual classroom learning option is very flexible, and attendance may be scheduled over consecutive days or over several weeks. We do provide classroom-based RePL courses for corporate groups on request.

Our Part 101 MOS courses have been offered since mid-June 2020 (4 months ahead of other training organisations) with the following advantages:

  1. Experienced in providing the new streamlined RePL course (4 months ahead of the game),
  2. Multiple studio pods with broadcast-quality equipment for our interactive online webinars (No death by PowerPoint).
  3. Small class numbers and dedicated face to face closeout training with our instructors,
  4. Fly multiple different RPA on your course,
  5. RPA  (drone) focussed and reduced content,
  6. Course Reviews and Sample Assessments,
  7. Accessible CASA / ASA publications for 'Closed Book ' assessments,
  8. Our practical training includes tethered operations and waypoint planning/missions. 

You will have access to our hard copy notes for the webinars,  and digital notes before, during and after your course completion, including any updates as new Regulations become effective. 

Our virtual webinar classes run every fortnight (Monday to Wednesday), allowing you to train one day a fortnight or all 3 days in one week.  The face to face two days of theory and practical closeout are conducted on alternate fortnights.

Our drone RePL training and advanced courses are conducted throughout Australia.

If you would like to attend a course, you can book online or use the Contact Us page to get in touch.

  1. RePL Helicopter Sub 25kg
    RePL Helicopter Sub 25kg