RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC) - Complex, Non-Complex and E / B-VLOS

Our Drone ReOC Support and Strategy Consulting services include, but are not limited to, ReOC Documentation Assistance covering the latest CASA legislation (Directives and Advisory Circulars), templates and checklists, Chief Remote Pilot Briefing, Assessment Support and all CASA assessment fees.

We also provide drone systems consulting, management, and support for both Non-Complex and Complex ReOC's, including:

  • Operations Manual and Operations Library Preparation
  • ReOC Application Scenario Assistance;
  • Risk Assessment Preparation (SORA based);
  • ReOC Internal Audit Service;
  • CASA Audit Preparation;
  • Consultancy for developing area approval and flight permission applications for non-complex and complex operations
  • Complex procedures and applications for up to sub 150kg including crop spraying, seeding, shark spotting, and First Response
  • EVLOS procedures and SORA
  • BVLOS procedures and SORA
  • Providing CRP and Maintenance Controller support services
  • Providing professional pilots to clients for operations

 If need further information or options, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch or call us on 1300 970 042.;

  1. ReOC Documents, CRP Briefing, Support, including  CASA Fees
    ReOC Documents, CRP Briefing, Support, including CASA Fees