Excluded Category

New Part101 MoS and operator accreditation requirements are included in our excluded category courses.

These new courses cover the new requirements for the new micro (sub 250g), very small (sub 2kg), and small (sub 25kg - landowners) categories for RPA Operators carrying out commercial operations.  The courses cover updated legislation, planning, and record-keeping, including accreditation and drone registration, mandatory from 28 January 2021.

We offer Multi-Rotors, Aeroplanes, Helicopters or Powered Lift (VTOL) excluded category courses for commercial operations without requiring a RePL or ReOC.

You can do one type only, or you can add additional types to your original certificate as well.

The excluded category courses for all drone types are:

  • Small excluded category (no more than 25kg), flown over your own land only
  • Very Small excluded category (above 250g, but no more than 2kg)

If you wish to fly a Medium excluded category sub 150kg drone over your own land, then you only need to hold a sub 25kg RePL, without the requirement for a CASA flight test or ReOC.