DJI T40 Type Rating Certificate

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The DJI T40 assessment is for an existing Multi Rotor RePL holder wishing to upgrade to the DJI T40 type rating certificate.

We aim to complete your Type Rating Certification within 7 to 14 days from paid bookings, and within 7 days for Brisbane. Please confirm dates prior to booking and some locations require at least 3 students as a minmum, or travel costs to be covered if less than 3 students.

Can I get this for free? Yes! We provide FREE DJI Agras T40 TRCs with every DJI T40 sold.

Outcomes include:

  • DJI T40 Type Rating Certification
    • Upgrade added to your Existing CASA-Issued sub 25kg Multi Rotor Licence
    • If you do not hold a multi rotor RePL, please select your current qualification below and we can assist you
  • Additional Operating and Training is available if you have no experience on a DJI T40