DJI Agras Product Announcement - T60

In November 2023, DJI announced the Agras T60 {set the langauge to CN} - 

The T60 agricultural drone (appears to replace the DJI Agras T50) is powerful and sprays 50 kg, sowing 60 kg. The newly designed pressure centrifugal nozzle and spreading system 4.0 help the operation of all scenes, and the field is excellent. There is also a security system 3.0 day and night , well-guarded..

As of December 2023, several more videos are appearing online, with this one posted by JenMic Wei (not in English) showing many details (the connection between areas at 19m28s is awesome).

Contact us for any queries you have on the to-be-released T60. If you are looking for a current DJI Agras, take a look here.